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Space Tech


The Satellite Project

App in Space

This one app is all you need for your next interplanetary journey! Just choose the origin and destination - and we'll offer the available rockets, calculate launch windows, planet timezones and much more. Interplanetary travel has never been much simpler! 

Besides showing the schedule of all launches, "Space Tech" allows you to buy virtual satellites, put them on these actual rockets. Launch is delayed - you ain't going to space today. Explosion - you lose money. Success - you can celebrate. Start building your own satellite corporation today!

This NASA Space Apps honorable mention-winning app allows you to track all satellites, rocket stages and space debris in the sky, calculate their visible passes over your house, access their scientific data and much more! 

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Space has never been so close!
  • Only non-fiction: use real-life rockets, actual launch windows and missions!


  • Fully engage in NASA Mission Control Experience with award-winning space-themed apps!


  • Infinite opportunies from observing satellites on Earth Orbit to planning interplanetary probes' missions!


  • Join Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Tory Bruno in the New Space race: rideshare on an actual rockets, take control of satellites and buy launches!